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Air Taxi Makes Sense and Cents

Business air taxi offers flexibility, including last-minute itinerary changes and the ability to travel to multiple destinations in a single day. You go when you want to go - even to those places that are not easy to get to on the airlines. Comfort and privacy en route enable busy professionals to maximize their travel time.

Why use business air taxi
  • Fly on your own schedule!
  • Land closer to your final destination.
  • Avoid busy airport parking and parking fees, early check-in, luggage handling, boarding and deplaning, long security lines.
  • Sit in first class size seats without first class size prices.
  • Costs can actually be lower, especially when more than one person is traveling.
When to use business aircraft

Using business aircraft makes the greatest impact in a variety of circumstances.

  • Strategic or high-impact trips are the ones that help make the deal happen or respond to major challenges. They are the kind of trips passengers often tell their flight crews, "the aircraft paid for itself today."
  • Less dramatic, but much more common, are the trips that allow two or three senior people to go out, conduct one or more meetings and be back home on the same day. With today's flat, lean and aggressive management structure many companies are actively seeking ways to keep these folks, and their families, committed and motivated. Business aviation services do just that.
  • The economics of team travel can be very positive. Two or three mid-level executives going to multiple destinations in a day or two can be extremely beneficial. These are the kinds of trips that many people admit would not be taken if they had to drive or fly on the airlines. Yet the business they conduct needs to be done. And doing it in person enhances the competitive advantage.
  • A growing number of companies use business aviation as a key part of the sales process. Many customers select their products and services based on the total value delivered rather than the price alone. Nothing tells your story better than your people and your facilities. Your sales success can hinge on getting the customer in front of your operations, service and support people. Time and time again companies that do this report outstanding rates of sales plus improved relationships with their customers.

The bottom line is this: business aviation services are routinely described by successful users as one of the most important tools for leveraging three of their most important resources: their people, their customers and their time.

...adapted from Business Aircraft Magazine

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